... y las guirnaldas temblarán ♪♫

Entrelíneas, resonancias y vislumbres …
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HBO Miniseries: Olive Kitteridge - Magic Tease (HBO)

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THE PALACE - Stop Motion Short Film from John Eyre & Robin Heap on Vimeo.

The world is crumbling. Trapped and alone, high up in a dilapidated office building, a small boy must escape by any means if he is to survive. ‘The Palace’ is a film about loss, fear, survival and hope in a dark and foreboding world.

Co Written, Directed and Animation by John Eyre & Robin heap
Music Composed by Chris Roe
Foley & Sound Mix by Matthew Alani & Alex Outhwaite of Shifted-Sound

Official Website: thepalacemovie.co.uk
Twitter: @thepalacemovie

Bikerlapse - Instagram Hyperlapse on a bike from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.

I spent a day riding around Melbourne filming with the new Instagram Hyperlapse iPhone app. The video quality is pretty lo-fi but that stabilisation technology is nothing short of amazing. The whole video was shot hand held, one hand to steer and one hand to hold the camera. All of the these shots are straight out of the app, with no post stabilisation or effects.

I used a RØDEGrip iPhone mount to help hold the phone while shooting and an Arcadia USB power bank to keep my phone charged for the whole day.

Watch "Soda Stereo - Un Millón de Años Luz - Canción Ani…" on YouTube ›

Soda Stereo - Un Millón de Años Luz

OLOR A TIGRE (1989) from Rocambole on Vimeo.

“Olor a Tigre” de Alejandra Ceriani y Rocambole, es del año 1989 y describe cómo eran los recitales de Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota en sus primeras presentaciones de éxito en La Plata.

Por siete vidas ( caceria ) Herbert Vianna

Outro Futebol / Teaser 3 minutos from Federico Peretti on Vimeo.

Direção: Federico Peretti.
Produção Executiva: Pablo Francischelli.
Direção de Produção: Caio Jobim.
Pesquisa: Daniel Cassol e Fernando Prieto.
Produção: DobleChapa

A série estreia dia 04/05, às 21h30, no Canal Brasil e mostra a realidade de alguns pequenos clubes que buscam conquistar seu espaço no esporte mais querido dos brasileiros.

Fernando Cabrera - El Tiempo En Un Cartel - Trailer

Paul McCartney “Early Days” from VINCENT HAYCOCK on Vimeo.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s story at its core is a universal one, two young kids who form a bond through their passion for music. This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful. The universality of their story was a big inspiration for setting the film in Mississippi during the 50s. American Rock and Roll and the Mississippi Delta Blues is a time period that heavily inspired The Beatles. Early Days is about the spirit and inspiration young musicians find in each other.


Paul McCartney
Johnny Depp
Lil’ Poochie
Del Atkins
Roy Gaines
Henry Hank Harris
Al Williams
Motown Maurice
Misha Lindes


Malik Peters
Darious Marshall
Dee Firley
Ken Shell
Hope Knight
Faith Knight
Anthony Jones
Valencia Anderson
Perraniqua Champ
Dalvion Jackson
Dezanique Credit
Elbert Washington
Ike Warner
Jasmin Gregory
Tema Larry
Patrick Chapman
Patina Sewell
Cordrion Tucker
Dominique Ishman
Kasim Garner
Curren Greene
RJ Givens
Jadarious Anderson
Jaquann King
Damien Henderson
Lee Jackson
Yolanda Smith
Melody Radford
Grace Knight
Brentavian Green
Stephen Bush


Commissioned by MPL Communications
Commissioner :: Paul McKee

Directed by Vincent Haycock
Produced by Anna Rau & Corbett Jones
Company :: Park Pictures
Representation :: FreeAgentUK

Director of Photography :: Evan Prosofsky
Production Designer :: Jay Hougaard
Stylist :: Natasha Newman-Thomas

Casting Director :: Carmela Makela
Additional LA Casting :: Lisa Roth @ HMH Casting
New Orleans Casting :: Laurel Coyle @ The Cast Station

Production Manager :: Josiah Bultema
Production Coordinator :: Geoff Walker
Assistant to Director :: Carmela Makela
Assistant to Producers :: Sam Speiser


1st AD :: Aaron Paulson
2nd AD :: Chris Gonzalez

Steadicam :: Ari Robbins
1st AC :: David Edsall
2nd AC :: Gary Bevans
Loader :: Dustin Miller

Gaffer :: Robert Lowe
Best Boy :: Craig Molsberry
Electric Driver :: Juan Barroso
and a special thanks to Bobby Wotherspoon

Key Grip :: Bodie Hyman
Best Boy :: Douglas Blagg

Prop Master :: John Bakken
Leadman :: Chris Miller
Set Decorator :: Mandy Cheng
Painter :: Jedediah C Voltz

Wardrobe Assistant :: Tatiana Valentin
Hair & Make Up :: Lauren Cohen
Hair & Make Up :: Joel Harlow

VTR :: Dave Schmalz
Sound Mixer :: Durand Trench
Assistant Sound Mixer :: Kent Vederico
Audio Playback :: Justine Marine

Location Manager :: Jonathan Lynch
Craft Services :: Adam Berman

Production Assistant :: Ben Westley
Production Assistant :: Garret Ives
Production Assistant :: Raphael Xexeo
Production Assistant :: Bart Taylor
Production Assistant :: Damien Lang
Production Assistant :: Marcus Huerta


1st AD : Johnny Radcliff

Steadicam :: Ari Robbins
1st AC :: Mike Valentine
2nd AC  :: Alicia Fischmeister

Gaffer :: Mike McLaughlin

Key Grip :: Gilly Charbonnett

Art Director :: Everette Eglin
Prop Master :: Will Eastin
Set Dresser :: Keith Wall
Car Wrangler :: Blane Bernard

Hair & Make Up :: Tenia Hill

Local Production Support :: Sally Durkin

Production Assistant :: Andrew Baker
Production Assistant :: Adam Sherman


Telecine from Ntropic
Colorist :: Arnold Ramm
Producer :: Jordan Freedman
Editorial Support from Whitehouse Post
Editor :: Vincent Haycock & Shane Reid
Producer :: Joanna Manning

Sound Mixer & Designer :: Durand Trench

Kodak film stock purchased from Reel Good

Processing by Fotokem

Special Thanks to the Natchez Convention and Visitors Bureau

Miilo from Andreas Bhend on Vimeo.

Nirvana - Seasons In The Sun